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Our Newest Lace Trim - Exclusively for You

Yes, we have been scouring the globe once again to root out the choicest designs for our discerning customers and we are sure you are going to love the luxurious lace and crystal dress trims we have for you this time.

The trend in dress trims at the moment is for the dramatic and we certainly have lots that fit nicely into that category. Think contrasting colours, extended widths and eye-catching embel­lis­hments and you are headed in the right direction - check out some of our new lace trims here before heading on over to the ‘New Products’ section to discover even more.

Black Lace Trims - Silvano & Beyoncé

Two very different yet equally striking trims unite in our dedicated ‘New Products’ section. Silvano is embroidered onto a black tulle with added silver cording while Beyoncé is created from black organza. Both of these black lace dress trims are designed to catch the eye and hold it there!

Gold & Silver Lace Trim - Empire

Available in glamorous Gold or shimmering Silver, Empire lace trim measures almost 30cms (1ft) across and is skilfully embroidered with a complex decorative pattern. Metallic yarn is used to highlight the trim with extra-special Champagne-colored thread used in the Gold variety of this product. Creative designers will be quick to notice that this trim can be cut down the center to create a very different look…

Ivory Lace Trim - Rosalind

Ivory lace is never out of fashion on the bridal scene and there is always a new fabric to be had in this subtle and beautiful classic color. Rosalind features delightful cording and is formed from a marching parade of scalloped flowers - a truly pretty and feminine design that will add a magical touch to a fairytale wedding gown.

Please enjoy checking out all of the other fantastic bridal material in the ‘New Products’ section of the Wedding Dress Fabrics website!

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