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Open the Door to Bridal Guipure!

Traditional lace styles often have mesh or netting as a backing fabric, which connects the motifs together. Guipure lace is very different; instead of net or mesh, bars and plaits link the motifs and there is no backing fabric, creating an exciting and enchanting alternative. Here are three of our very favorite guipure lace styles to inspire you.

Emma-newsEmma Ivory Guipure Lace

Delicate and light to the touch, Emma lace is a stunning example of the beautiful guipure style of lacemaking. Small flower buds and foliage form a background among which larger floral motifs nestle, the three elements working in perfect harmony and creating an elegant whole with an attractive and enchanting visual.

Along with floral, scalloped edges, the layout of this design makes it perfect for creating V-neck gowns and the lace is also available in white.

Spirit-newsSpirit Ivory Guipure Lace

A carefully-designed blend of complementary and contrasting shapes are presented in Spirit ivory lace. These shapes flow into one another in an arresting, intricate way, which is made even more delightful with the addition of beading to outline each shape.

Reminiscent of the glamour and sophis­tica­tion of the 1920s, this shimmering lace style is charismatic, charming and radiant.

legend-bridal-nina-newsNina Ivory Guipure Lace

This is one of the bestselling styles of guipure lace here at Bridal Fabrics, and just one look at it will tell you why. Gorgeously-designed flowers and leaves lock densely together in a striking repeating pattern, which is framed by the identical fringed edges.

Both sides of the lace have the same finish, making Nina a particularly versatile guipure lace to work with.

There are lots more guipure lace styles to discover on our website, so enjoy browsing and don't forget you can order free samples!

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