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Have you checked out our latest collection of new bridal fabrics recently? Our dedicated ‘New Products’ section is constantly updated as our talented bridal team discover new wedding dress materials on their many sourcing trips all over the world. The section is currently packed with ivory lace as it is so in vogue at the moment - here are three of our hot picks from the latest in bridal lace couture at Wedding Dress Fabrics.

Ivory Lace - Chantelle

Are you a bride-to-be who dreams of making a big splash in her wedding gown? If you are, then this luxury embellished lace is the one for you! Dramatically undulating waves of leafy, floral patterns float dreamily across the fabric, punctuated here and there with provocative and eye-catching white feathers - feather lace is another hot trend for this season. Decorated all over with pearls and beads and highlighted with fine Champagne-colored filigree thread, Chantelle ivory lace has a heavy, regal drape and is truly aimed at the bride-to-be with passionate, eclectic tastes.

Ivory Lace Appliqué - Alaska

Flower appliqués are extremely feminine and flattering and Alaska is no exception. With elegant charm and stylish panache, this ivory lace appliqué comprises a pair of flowers entwined tightly together, with the larger supported by the smaller. Each petal has been lovingly created from soft, light matt satin and the flowers are centred with diamantes and pearls which reveal themselves in different aspects as light plays upon them.

Black Lace - Amy

It may be startling to see such a dramatic and powerful lace amongst all the ivory but Amy keeps strongly and proudly bucking the trend. We also supply Amy in ivory coloration but the black variety continues to find a prominent place in haute couture bridal fashion. Fringed, scalloped and embroidered all over with exquisite floral designs, this Chantilly lace is beyond beautiful.

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