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Lace on the Red Carpet: Met Gala 2017

The Met Gala is THE event for the fashion industry and, once a year, gathers the brightest stars of the fashion firmament together in an explosion of couture gorgeousness. Celebrities wear the very latest in hot fashion and lace is always in evidence. This year was no exception and the famous fabric appeared all over the show…

Arriving to the crazed strobe-flicker of camera flashes were the Olsen Twins. Although they are very much grown up now, it is still possible to see a twinkle of the sweetness that won our hearts way back when they were fresh-faced kids. Their lovely outfits featured cream lace that helped with this illusion.

Then there was Sofia Richie, who wowed the crowds in a daring lace jumpsuit, which was the subject of much interested attention. It was definitely an interesting design that showed off the versatility of lace as a design fabric.

Kendall Jenner was even more daring in a visual treat of an outfit that centred on a lace thong. A stunning reminder that lace has a very important place in the bedroom as well as on the runway!

Nobody was sure at first who the lady in the veil was, but it turned out to be everyone’s favorite Katy Perry. Well known for her good fashion sense, Katy rarely makes a mistake and her lace veil was definitely hitting all the right notes.

The real showstopper of the Met Gala 2017 was Sophie Turner’s dazzling floor-length dress from Louis Vuitton. With nude and white lace used in an exciting and innovative way, the dress really suited Sophie and you could tell how comfortable she felt in it.

The after-parties are just as fashion-filled as the main event and nobody missed Chrissy Teigen’s outfit. She wore a provocative lace mini-dress that featured a jet-black lace train and floral embel­lis­hments, causing every photographer’­s lens to focus in her direction.

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