Lace Fabric: Welcome to the Space Age...

Hit TV series 'Stranger Things' returns to our Netflix screens on July 4th, and we couldn't be more excited! The third series looks set to be more dramatic, wild and visually-stunning than the two that preceded it and, to celebrate, here we look at three unusual, astonishing and frankly phenomenal lace fabrics from our collection.

Theodora Ivory Beaded Lace

A luxurious, regal option, Theodora ivory lace features one of the most interesting designs we have ever seen. Tightly-packed groups of beads, pearls and sequins dominate one side of the material, becoming less dense towards the other side until only slim, elegant islands of embroidery proudly remain.

Ivory Sequinned Lace - Theodora

Moondust Couture Embroidery

If you've seen any of the previous episodes of 'Stranger Things', then you'll know and love the science fiction themes that run throughout. Moondust couture embroidery is a glamorous futuristic extra­vag­anza, featuring endless horizons of sequins rolling together in a unique open weave, linked by lustrous silver thread. Choose from matt ivory, iridescent ivory or space-age silver.

Ivory Sequinned Lace - Moondust

Jayne Black Raschel Lace

Many brides choose this black lace to create stunning eveningwear but a daring, uncon­ven­tional bride may even choose to sashay up the aisle wearing it. Jayne black lace has a particularly soft handle, especially for a lace fabric with so much metallic detail, embroidered floral motifs and silver filigree thread.

Black Lace - Jayne

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