Lace Fabric: The Vintage Look

The trend for vintage style wedding dresses continues to grow and, here at Bridal Fabrics, we carry a large and ever-growing collection of vintage style lace fabric that will allow you to achieve super-stunning looks. Here are three of our favorites to whet your appetite...

Robyn Ivory Vintage Style Lace

Onto an ivory tulle background, the designer of this dramatic lace fabric has added sparkling colourless sequins to beautiful effect.

Champagne filigree thread has also been used to add an extra visual dimension. Into the body of the lace, which comprises two different motifs (one an abstract diamond shape and the other floral), the matching scalloped borders extend deeply, creating a stunning effect that has to be seen to be believed. If you're looking for a comple­men­tary lace trim, check out Ohio on our website.Ivory Vintage Style Lace – Robyn

Sarah Corded Lace

A definite, lasting favorite among our couture clients, Sarah corded lace is available in either white or ivory (the ivory option is also available with matching lace appliques).

Three corded, heavily shaded flowers arranged in a bouquet create the main motif, which is surrounded by an attractive array of swirling leaves and stems. The borders, which are fringed and scalloped, are especially attractive, featuring as they do a 7-stemmed floral motif. White Corded Lace – Sarah

Jocelyn Ivory Chantilly Lace

Asymmetric borders, one scalloped and one straight, frame the body of this gorgeous Chantilly lace fabric.

Traditional floral elements mix harmoniously with contemporary styling, creating a couture design with huge potential for the creative, fashion-forward designer or bride.Ivory Chantilly Lace – Jocelyn

Enjoy checking out these vintage lace fabric styles and, for further inspiration, have a look at our online gallery.

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