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Appliqués and Crystal Trim - 15% Discount!

Crystal trim, lace appliqués and crystal embroidery are never out of fashion, with new designs and styles appearing all the time. Wedding Dress Fabrics bring you a massive and ever-growing collection at the very best price, meaning you don’t have to compromise on quality for your dream bridal gown. Now you can save even more with our new Exclusive Offers - get 15% off an eclectic range of wedding dress embel­lis­hments right here!

Alexandra Lace Appliqués

As a wedding lace, Alexandra is one of our most popular bridal products and, available across the full color spectrum, comes complete with a matching trim. We are now pleased and proud to be able to offer a complementary lace appliqué, which has been added to our collection of exclusive offers as an introductory discount. Available in Ivory or Black to suit your style, this bridal appliqué captures all of the swirling, gracious style of Alexandra lace and centres on gorgeous floral designs.

Aries Crystal Embroidery

Aries is the very first sign on the wheel of the Zodiac and, as such, demands to be noticed. This exquisite piece of crystal embroidery does just that, announcing itself as a pretty flower composed of clustering, hand-embroidered diamantés. Fine, feminine tulle has then been laid over the diamantés to give a unique visual effect that is made more powerful with filigree thread, tubular beads, luxurious pearls and iridescent sequins.

Supernova Crystal Trim

With all the fiery, explosive beauty of its namesake, Supernova crystal trim is simply breathtaking. Artfully placed diamantés, clear sequins and tubular beads of the richest Champagne coloration make this a highly-reflective trim, designed to be striking and bold yet to maintain its elegance and sophis­tica­tion.

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