Ivory Wedding Lace: New Styles for 2021

Bridal couture trends are already emerging as we look forward to next year. Two of the biggest trend predictions the Bridal Fabrics team are noticing are for glitterized and beaded wedding lace designs: this edition of our blog showcases four brand new styles of bridal lace that are now available and are already proving popular with our couture clients.

Ethel: Ivory Glitter Lace

A tulle base with plain, simple edges has been extra­vag­antly glitterized to create this stunning new style of ivory wedding fabric. The glamorous, dramatic pattern, which runs right across the material, is composed of 3D islands, alternately colored in eye-catching Ivory and Silver.

Glitter Spot Tulle - Lindsey (Close Up)

Selina: Ivory Beaded Lace

A variety of star motifs, expertly arranged to form a glittering galaxy, gives Selina ivory wedding material a quality that is truly out of this world! The stars are further embellished with a superlative selection of sequins, beads and pearls, which our designer has blended harmoniously and skillfully.

Ivory Embroidered and Beaded Lace - Selina (Close Up)

Lindsey: Ivory Glitter Lace

Festooned with a shimmering array of glitter in both Silver and Ivory colors, Lindsey bridal lace is absolutely exquisite. Leaf-shaped motifs overlap and interlock to create the unique design, which we think you will agree is pure couture.

Glitter Tulle - Lindsay

Callie: Ivory Beaded Lace

The floral pattern of this delightful wedding lace fabric is a seamless combination of the classic and the contem­porary. Beads and sequins, applied delicately yet generously, add unfor­get­table embel­lis­hment to this arresting pattern.

Ivory Beaded Lace - Callie (Close Up)

All of these amazing styles of wedding lace now available from Bridal Fabrics: remember that that you can receive any two samples from us without charge. Keep up to date on new wedding dress material added to our collection by subscribing to our regular newsletter.

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