Ivory or White Lace - Helping You Decide

White lace or Ivory lace - how do you choose between these favorite wedding dress colors? Let our expert bridal team guide you every step of the way.

Set the Tone

Skin tone can be a big consi­dera­tion when choosing between white and ivory lace though the rules are far from set in stone and each individual bride will have her own opinion. In general, the wedding gown should be lighter in tone than the wearer’s skin, meaning that shades of white work particularly well with fair to bronze tones while ivory lace is suited to women with olive or dark brown complexions. Hair and eye color should also be considered: white dresses reflect beautifully in clear blue eyes while the subtler tones of ivory perfectly complement dark brown and hazel shades.

Coordination is Key

Whether choosing ivory or white wedding lace, it is important to consider the coordinating elements of the event. These seemingly-small details, such as the color of catering linen and of the wedding cake itself, are actually incredibly important and, as a rule, white linen and wedding cake icing should not be combined with an ivory-colored dress and vice versa.

Say it with Flowers

Good news for fans of white wedding dress material - you can choose pretty much any blooms you like and your stunning dress will be complemented though red roses look particularly vivid and striking against the neutral white backdrop. Flowers with more subtle pastel coloration work well with ivory wedding dresses but pure white flowers are best avoided.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Think about the lighting where your wedding is to take place. Fluorescent lighting can make a white dress look too bright while softer lighting such as candles can darken ivory tones. Order samples of your shortlisted wedding dress fabrics and take them along to the venue beforehand to see how they look under various lights - remember, any effect you see with your eyes will be enhanced by a camera lens.

Mix it Up

Many brides can be torn between ivory and white lace though, if you are a skilled designer and dressmaker like Chantelle Pike at Chantel­leS­ophia Bridalwear of England, you can bring the two together into a unique, vibrant and stunning creation. Check out our wedding dress gallery to see this gorgeous gown! As always, the Wedding Dress Fabrics team are always on hand to offer expert advice at every stage.

White lace or Ivory lace - the choice is yours! We hope our guide helps.

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