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Ivory Lace For You — Just Look Online to Save On NINE!

Dressing perfectly for your wedding isn’t just a skill - it’s an art - and what we offer is the canvas, paint and brushes in the form of the very best wedding dress fabrics around. If you’ve ever rolled your eyes at the old saying that claims ‘a stitch in time saves nine’, then check this out.. you’re about to save 15% on nine of our most gorgeous bridal fabrics and we think that is a MUCH better thing to hear than the tired old proverb...!

When you or your chosen designer gets stitching with these marvelous materials, the creativity is just going to take right over and propel you dream gown from couture classic to magical masterpiece. So, do you fancy a sneak peek at some of the the nine bridal laces currently available with that pristine 15% discount? Allow us to be your glowing guide..

Ivory Corded Lace - Miranda

Derived directly from the Latin word ‘mirandus’ which means, quite simply, ‘wonderful’, the pretty and feminine name of Miranda is perfect for this heavenly wedding lace. Bringing together a wide variety of floral motifs throughout, the fabric boasts a harmonious visual appeal that belies the complexity and depth of its spectacular cording. Elegant, effervescent and exclusively exciting.

Ivory Beaded Lace - Pamela

This name appears to have been the sole invention of a 16th Century poet - Sir Philip Sidney. Probably intended to mean ‘all sweetness’ (from Greek words ‘pan’ and ‘meli’ - ‘all’ and ‘honey’), the name became popularised by another writer of antiquity - Samuel Richardson - in 1740. Pamela embellished fabric, which features subtle cording highlights, is definitely all sweetness, its beautiful floral theme heralded by large rosettes decorated with beads, pearls and a shimmering central diamanté. Alluring, absorbing and altogether amazing.

Ivory Beaded & Corded Lace - Constance

A medieval name with a root meaning ‘steadfast’, this is definitely a fabric that has stood the test of time. Its lasting popularity comes from the vintage appeal expertly provided by careful selection and arrangement of wedding dress embel­lis­hments including sequins, beads and ivory cording. The ivory coloration is particularly special as the heavily-embroidered background that forms abstract petals leaves a subtly-opaque ivory tone. Decadent, daring and decidedly delicious.

So, there you have it! Just three of the NINE bridal lace designs currently available with a fab 15% price cut to make your wedding dollar go even further. Want to see the rest of the collection? All you need to do is to visit our website then sit back, relax and watch as your dream wedding dress starts to become a magical, memorable and momentously marvelous reality!

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