Ivory Lace - Exclusive Discount from Wedding Dress Fabrics!

The brand new collection of Ivory Lace Exclusive Offers from Wedding Dress Fabrics!

To wet your appetite before you dive in and start exploring all 12, here is a little taster of what to expect..

Ivory Lace - Melissa

The name ‘Melissa’ means ‘bee’ in Greek and, in the ancient mythology of Greece, was the name of one of the beautiful nymphs who looked after the young Zeus. This pretty, feminine fabric perfectly honors that ancient nymph but also has a sting in the tail with its brightly eye-catching silver highlights! Melissa is a laser-cut lace - the floral designs that grace the fabric are individually and accurately cut out with laser light before our designer embroiders them onto the embellished fabric by hand.

Ivory Lace - Amber

Vintage lace and contemporary sequins combine flawlessly to create our next ivory lace offering - Amber. It’s both minimal and flamboyant, refined and glitzy and everyone at Wedding Dress Fabrics adores it! Think geometric design but with an ornate twist as towering vertical columns create a look that will take everyone’s breath away.

Ivory Lace - Madeleine

The popularity of this fabric seems to have no end but one look at its rich and luxurious qualities and it isn’t hard to see why. Madeleine is an ivory border lace and is made up from artistic floral bouquets, key areas of which are expertly embellished with sequins and beads to form a truly indulgent wedding dress material. A premium fabric for a special bride.

Ivory Lace - Karen

Glam, glam and even more glam! Karen pulls no punches and boldly announces itself in a riot of weaves and textures that complement and contrast all at the same time. This is a bridal lace with an absorbing, mesmerizing 3D effect that we could just sit and stare at for hours as it continually changes its aspect. Scalloped and fringed matching borders complete Karen ivory lace.

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