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Ivory Lace - Brides go Wild!

Wow! You have really been enjoying our most recent collection of Exclusive Offers on some our most beautiful ivory lace and we are waiting breathlessly to see how it will be used. Here are some more wedding dress fabrics from the current range to inspire your creative flow:

Florence Ivory Lace

Scalloped and symmetrical, Florence is a visual feast of flora; garlands sway and flow across the fabric and are embroidered with beads and sequins onto laser-cut designs. This ivory lace will elongate the wedding gown, creating a graceful and elegant look.

Rebecca Chantilly Lace

Composed of a detailed series of floral bouquets, each of which is highlighted with a wonderfully-heavy thread. This is an unusual yet highly-attractive fabric thanks to its complexity and eye-catching borderless design.

Audrey Ivory Lace

For full-on vintage lace glamour, choose Audrey bridal lace. Pale ivory with an elaborate pattern of flowers and foliage, this fabric is composed of a wide variety of threads and cordings to give an exceptional beauty that is hard to define. Use our sample service and see for yourself!

Nadia Wedding Lace

Beautifully-corded and with matching, fringed borders, Nadia is a true delight that incorporates a variety of differently-sized flowers in its dainty design. A very feminine lace with a quiet and understated yet inarguably majestic quality.

All of these bridal laces are currently available with 15% price discount - order yours today.

If you’re the kind of bride who loves embellished fabric (and who isn’t?!) then check out what’s featuring currently in our New Products section!

Diamanté Chain 24

By popular demand, we have increased the size of our diamantés once again! The glittering stones are now truly eye-catching and are set in highly-reflective metal, attached to a robust, flexible chain for use anywhere on the wedding gown or corset.

Xena Crystal Dress Trim

Don’t let the narrow width of this embellished fabric fool you - our designer has expertly arranged a surprising amount of beads, diamantés and sequins to form this design. We are looking forward to seeing this excellent fabric used in ever-more creative ways.. over to you!

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