Independence Day Dress Fabric

In order to celebrate Independence day, we're looking at dress fabric in the colors of the stars and stripes flag. Create a flagship look with some red, white and blue dress fabric for you!
American Flag Dress Fabric

The color red was used in the star spangled banner for courage and readiness to sacrifice.­  Red is a breathtaking choice for a dress fabric for the confident and courageous modern woman.  We have a  great color selection and really love a satin called Majestic in Scarlet - it has a rich, luxurious matt finish and works well with structured designs. The fabric is smooth, with a silky handle and perfect for dressmaking.

Scarlet Polyester Satin Dress Fabric - Majestic

In The American Flag, also known as Old Glory, white was chosen to represent pure intentions and high ideals.  We've chosen a pure white Duchess Satin Fabric called Supreme which showcases our high standards. It's a luxury Polyester Duchess Satin with an extremely rich, silky handle.  It's just divine and often used for communion dresses as well as bridal gowns.

Supreme Porcelain Dress Fabric

Finally, the color blue was used for vigilance and justice, we're choosing Splendour,  a 100% Silk Crepe back Satin - the perfect dress fabric choice for bridal, bridesmaid or ball gowns due to its luxurious, drape. It is simply the smoothest fabric that you will every touch and the colour range enables any colour palette to be met.  

Cobalt Polyester satin Dress Fabric -Contessa

All our products are in stock for a quick delivery and we can send you free samples - simply click on 'Request a Sample' on the product page.  

A little more education on the American Flag, the 50 stars stand for America's 50 states, while the 13 red and white stripes represent the 13 colonies.  Happy 4th July!

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