Hit the Spot!

Bridal Fabrics stock a stylish lace and fabric selection featuring spots, dots and jots. Here are some of our favorites...

Lucinda: Ivory Embroidered Raschel Lace

Lucinda is a delightful spotted fabric that is based on a raschel spot lace. An eyecatching and dramatic floral pattern is expertly embroidered onto this raschel base.

Ivory Embroidered Lace - Lucinda

Violetta: Ivory Embroidered Lace

Some of the spotted tulle that forms the base of this fabric remains visible beyond the maid design, creating a unique and unusual look: this aesthetic is enhanced with the use of different threads and dressmaking techniques. Extending from one edge is a large scale floral stem design that comprises this material's most striking feature.

Ivory Embroidered Lace - Violetta

Lido: Ivory Corded Embroidery Lace

The spotted ground of this Chantilly lace gives way to an exquisite floral border. An Italian fabric with a refined pattern of floral motifs, Lido features delicate cording and embroidery.

Ivory Corded Embroidery Lace - Lido.

Glee: Ivory Jacquard Spot Fabric

Sophis­ticated YET SIMPLE, Glee is a dotty fabric with a weight of 248gsm. The material is made using a combination of different fabrics, one of which is inten­ti­onally designed to shrink to a greater degree than the other two during finishing, resulting in a textured, 3D appearance.

Ivory Jacquard Fabric - Glee

Spice: Medium Spot Tulle

Spice is an ivory tulle of light weight that has been emblazoned with a repeating pattern of medium-sized spots. The material has good stretch and elasticity across the width of 150cm. If you prefer a smaller-sized spot, check out Pepper tulle on our website.

Ivory Spot Tulle - Spice

Discover these and many more examples of spot lace and fabric on our website.

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