Happy New Decade! 2020 is the Best Year to Get Married

The year 2020 is going to be the year of the wedding, with a predicted boom in the number of couples tying the knot. The fact that '2020' has such a nice sound and pleasing visual aesthetic, coupled with our natural tendency to prefer round numbers, is responsible for the marriage madness: if you're newly engaged then prepare yourself for the delights of a new decade!

We have identified four key bridal trends for 2020. They are:

Bridal Trend #1: Pearls

Bridal Trend #1: Pearls

Along with sequins and beads, Esmerelda ivory beads and lace features plenty of perfect pearls.

These embel­lis­hments highlight the big, bold diamond shapes that, formed from lustrous embroidery thread, comprise the main design.


Bridal Trend #2: Subtle Sparkle

Bridal Trend #2: Subtle Sparkle

A fresh and future-forward ivory lace, Thomasina joined the Bridal Fabrics product portfolio just a few short months ago.

Despite being a new kid on the block, the ivory sequinned fabric has already made a name for itself among our couture clients and a single glance at its large scale abstract floral pattern is enough to tell you why. The subtle sparkle comes in the form of refined sequin embel­lis­hment.

Bridal Trend #3: Fringes

Bridal Trend #3: Fringes

Inspired by vintage lace design, Charleston brings dynamic contemporary touches to that elegant sophis­tica­tion of years gone by. Abstract zigzag shapes and a flirty, feminine fringe make this couture embroidery into a work of art.


Bridal Trend #4: Fabulousness

Bridal Trend #4: Fabulo­usness!

Being fabulous is a bridal staple: not just a trend. That said, 2020 looks set to take the concept to a whole new level.

Brinley ivory embroidery lace is the future of fabulousness and you could be right there with it: order a sample today and experience the edgy excitement!


Join the party with Bridal Fabrics and celebrate 2020, the year of the wedding!

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