Gorgeous Glitter Fabrics: Our Super Six...

Flexible and versatile, tulle fabric is a staple wedding dress material. Add a little (or even a lot!) of glitter to this basic fabric and you've got something really special. Check out this edition of the Bridal Fabrics blog, which features six fabulous styles of glitter tulle material that are guaranteed to get your heart racing...

Sorcery: Glitter Tulle

Effortlessly enchanting and marvelously magical, Sorcery glitter wedding fabric has certainly earned its name! Silver glitter has been added with a generous hand to your choice of Ivory, Champagne or Black tulle: each of these colors boasts its own charm but all are superbly elegant and glamorous.

Black Glitter Tulle - Sorcery

Appeal: Glitter Tulle

The wearer of this divine ivory glitter tulle fabric will feel like a fairytale princess and will instantly capture everyone's attention. Appeal has been heavily decorated with super-sparkly glitter and is designed for a bride with impeccable taste.

Glitter Tulle - Appeal

Excitement: Glitter Tulle

The name of this glitter tulle is an absolutely perfect description of how it makes you feel when you look at it. A base of exquisite ivory tulle has been embellished with light-catching glitter, resulting in an alluring, evocative fabric that will take your breath away.

Glitter Tulle - Excitement

Razzmattaz: Glitter Tulle

Combining subtle simplicity with stylish sophis­tica­tion, Razzmattaz glitter tulle has a distinctive drape and a sumptuous handle. Our designer has artfully adhered glitter to the material in an abstract yet somehow organic pattern, which sparkles with decadent clarity.

Glitter Tulle - Razzmattaz

Captivation: Glitter Tulle

You will definitely be captivated by this unique tulle fabric, which measures a massive 118 inches in width. Its glitter embel­lis­hment, arranged in mesmeric swirling patterns, is designed to instantly capture the attention of anyone who sets eyes upon its shimmering beauty.

Glitter Tulle - Captivation

Juggler: Glitter Tulle

Dramatic and flamboyant, Juggler glitterized tulle is so beautiful that it is impossible to describe its arresting aesthetic in words.

Glitter Tulle - Juggler

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