Gorgeous Geometric Fabric Designs

Floral lace is, as always, hugely popular among bridal couture designers and their clients. That said, such designs are not to everybody's taste and many brides are looking for alter­natives. Geometric lace designs are gaining in popularity and this edition of the Bridal Fabrics blog showcases a tempting selection...

Mindy: Ivory Beaded Raschel Lace

A geometric raschel lace, colored an alluring ivory, is the base for this exciting wedding dress material, which features beautifully scalloped edges that are finished with a fabulous fringe. Our designer has comple­tedcthe ivory wedding material with an exuberant array of pearls and beads that give the fabric a wonderful shimmer.

Ivory Beaded Lace - Mindy

Vivienne: Ivory Beaded Lace

This delightful wedding ivory fabric is guaranteed to dazzle you! A variety of beads and pearls bring a sumptuous sparkle as they catch the light, enhancing the immaculate beauty of the fabric's expertly embroidered geometric design. This is a truly spectacular lace and is guaranteed to take your breath away.

Ivory Lace - Vivienne

Como: Ivory Embroidered Lace

Como: Ivory Embroidered Lace

The design of this geometric lace is so mesmerizing that it's difficult to take your eyes off it! Utterly contem­porary, Como boasts arresting sequin detail that glistens and gleams in the light. This lovely wedding lace is also available in pink or green, allowing amazingly unique garments to be created.


Fiona: Ivory Corded and Beaded Lace

Fiona: Ivory Corded and Beaded Lace

Beading, cordwork and embroidery are just some of the many different elements used to create this hypnotic, eye-catching design. To really appreciate just how unique Fiona ivory wedding material really is, we suggest you order a free sample from the product page.


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