Gold Lace Fabric: Inspired by Asia

If you've not seen box-office smash hit 'The Wedding Guest' yet then make sure it's next on your viewing list. Directed by Michael Winterbottom and starring Radhika Apte and Dev Patel, the movie follows a man with a secret who travels from Britain to Pakistan to attend a wedding from which he plans to kidnap the bride-to be. That's about all we can say without spoiling it so you'll have to watch the movie to find out what happens!

One of the key fabrics used in creating Asian wedding-wear is gold lace and there are 21 different options to choose from here at Bridal Fabrics. Here are three of our favourites...

Gold Beaded Lace: Hattie

Onto a rich Champagne-coloured background weave, the designer has applied gold embroidery, metallic yarns, golden pearls, sequins, beads and diamantes in glorious profusion. The identical scalloped borders extend deeply into the lace design, which comprises alternating floral bouquets and petite flowers.

Gold Beaded Lace: Soraya

Framed by identical scalloped edges, Soraya Gold Beaded Lace is embroidered all over with floral bouquets, creating a joyful, exuberant look. Finely detailed, the fabric is enhanced with bead and sequin embel­lis­hments that stand out proudly from the Champagne tulle used as a base.

Gold Raschel Lace: Katherine

Super­la­tively feminine and so lightweight that it appears to almost float, Katherine gold lace fabric features a host of cording-embellished floral bouquets on a background made from a variety of different sizes of weave. An extremely popular choice, this fringed and scallop-edged gold wedding lace is also available in white or ivory.

Discover more exotic, evocative gold lace fabric styles on our website.

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