Glitter Lace Fabric for Wedding Dress Glitz

One of the most reliable and versatile ways to ensure that a wedding dress has that essential magical sparkle is with glitter lace fabric. Whether you prefer a subtle shimmer or want to go for glamour and glitz, you'll find that Bridal Fabrics carry the right glitter lace for you. Be inspired by these four sparkling styles...

Ivory tulle with glitter detail wedding dress Nirvana 1Ivory tulle with glitter detail wedding dress Nirvana 2Wedding Dress using ivory tulle glitter lace Donaldina 1

Nirvana: Ivory Glitter Lace

As heavenly as its name would suggest, Nirvana ivory glitter lace is resplendent, fascinating and compelling. A fine ivory tulle is the base for the hypnotic design, which is embellished lavishly with silver glitter and sequins.

Murdina: Ivory Glitter 3D Lace

Glamorous yet refined, Murdina is a delightful 3D glitter lace featuring a fashion-forward, utterly contemporary design. Standing proud of the background of glitter tulle, ivory elements create a magnificent 3D visual effect.

Aileen: Ivory Glitter 3D Lace

The Irish name 'Aileen' means 'shining bright light' and is the perfect description for this gorgeously glistening ivory lace fabric. Ivory and silver glitterized 3D detail embellished the design, which is an elegant and modern floral pattern.

Donaldina: Ivory Glitter Lace

An arresting array of floral motifs are carefully arranged and rendered on a large, bold scale to create Donaldina lace fabric. This daring, dramatic display is based onto a base of ivory glitter tulle.

Prepare to be absolutely amazed when you browse the Bridal Fabrics collection of glitter lace fabric. Go for glitzy glitter!

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