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Get the Vintage Lace Style with Modern Lace Fabric

Another gorgeous bride has kindly shared the fascinating story behind her unique wedding gown, which was created using bridal lace fabric from our unrivalled collection. Stephanie Edwards née Teubler decided that a bespoke dress was what she wanted and deserved, after spending a large amount of time unsuc­ces­sfully browsing vintage stores.

Though she discovered many beautiful wedding gowns in her search, none of them felt exactly right - the color was too glaring, the skirt too full or the upper-body coverage lacking. Stephanie needed a miracle!

After a friend’s glowing recom­men­dation, a talented and renowned designer named Ruby Catagena was hired to help Stephanie achieve her vision of a short-sleeved gown with a flowing, A-line skirt, no train or petticoat and a vintage lace style, using the brand new wedding dress material. Many samples of suitable bridal lace fabric were sent, with the bride-to-be eventually deciding on Jessica Ivory Lace.

Months of fittings followed as the dress gradually began to take shape. The lace was combined with Champagne silk, creating the dazzlingly-astounding gown you can see in Stephanie’s photos.

Jessica lace is both corded and beaded, with a triptych of different-sized floral sprays claiming the immediate center of attention. Foliage surrounds the corded flowers, highlighted with shimmering gold filigree thread and carefully-placed sequins. A matching bridal lace trim is also available and Jessica bridal lace fabric can be supplied in a rainbow palette of color options.

Asked to comment on her experience with us, Stephanie said that we had been “very helpful.. the ordering process was very easy and the website was clear and easy to navigate”. She also said that the samples and wedding dress material supplied to her were “by far the best” she had come across in her search. Aw shucks, just doing our job, Stephanie!

We love hearing from our customers and seeing the beautiful wedding fabrics we proudly sell made up into even more beautiful finished garments. Please share your story and photos today and you could soon feature in your very own news article! If you are a professional dressmaker, this is a great way of getting your name out there as our newsletter reaches thousands of people.

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