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Get Ready for May 2018: Brand New Lace Designs

Spring is a wonderful time of year and May is perhaps its finest month. Bridal Fabrics will be making the month of May even more special this year, as we make a glittering array of brand new lace designs available for purchase. All of these designs are listed in the pre-order section of our website and we can't wait until we take delivery and the fantasy becomes reality! We know we're not supposed to have favorites but here are three of the designs that have been particularly well-received by our team of bridal experts...

everett-lace-newsEverett Ivory Lace

'Everett' comes from an old English word meaning 'strong' and is the perfect name for this lace, featuring as it does an enticing array of bold, striking and expertly-rendered palm-like leaves.

Everett ivory lace is particularly feminine and has a handle that is both tactile and delicate, perfect for creating fairytale wedding gowns fit for a princess. The fabric is easy to work with and amazing results can be achieved.

benita-lace-newsBenita Ivory Lace

For the bride who likes extravagance and drama, there are few bridal fabric designs to beat Benita. The design is reminiscent of the Baroque period and is just as eyecatching and beautiful as anything from this exciting time in design.

The repeating pattern, formed from deeply intricate areas of lace, is extremely striking, varying from top to bottom and finishing in a deftly-scalloped edge that gives the perfect harmonious finishing touch.

dress-made-using-brodie-lace-newsBrodie Ivory Lace

Brodie ivory lace features a cascade of floral motifs and 3d flowers to create a fabulously exciting, daring and evocative design.

The many gorgeous charac­te­ristics of this lace defy description and so we invite you to check out the product page to see for yourself: there you will find an HQ image that can be zoomed in on to reveal all of the glorious detail.

All of these laces will be available by May 2018: sorry about the wait! If you wish, you can make a pre-order right now so you are among the first to get your hands on the designs after we take delivery. Which is YOUR favorite? Get in touch and let us know.

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