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From Sublime to Submarine! Ivory Embroidered Lace

Wedding dress designers all over the world are going crazy for ivory embroidered lace right now. Just as you'd expect from your favourite wedding dress material supplier, we have got a plethora of designs in this style to choose from; here are four of our favorites...

ivory-embroidered-lace-eunice-newsIvory Embroidered Lace: Eunice

This lace is brand new but is created so carefully that it looks like an old classic. Absolutely bang on trend, Eunice ivory lace features leaf motifs on a large scale; these motifs are linked by bud-like islands to the main body of the lace, which is rendered in the finest lattice work.

Asymmetrical borders frame this dramatic design, with one edge created from further foliage and the other edge featuring both foliage and gentle scallops.

ivory-embroidered-lace-taylor-newsIvory Embroidered Lace: Taylor

Big, bold and most definitely beautiful, this vibrant ivory lace features a breathtaking array of floral motifs which are strongly accented with clever lattice work and a veritable garland of stylish, feminine buds which link the identical scalloped edges together with verve and panache.

ivory-sequinned-lace-begonia-newIvory Embroidered Lace: Begonia

If Begonia ivory lace were to travel back in time to the Baroque period, it would fit in perfectly with the flamboyant aesthetic there. Abstractly shaped 'islands' appear at intervals, radiating from the central panel.

Two different, yet extremely harmonious, designs of lattice work feature in this evocative fabric; the whole is framed with symmetrical borders that lead the eye towards and through the complex design.

ivory-embellished-bridal-lace-hayden-newsIvory Embroidered Lace: Haydn

Ever thought about getting married underwater? Though it seems like a crime to get a beautiful dress soaking wet, many brides have taken this option! If, like us, you want the best of both worlds, then you can have it with Haydn embroidered lace, which resembles a mystical underwater coral reed.

These coral designs branch from the undefined edges right into the tulle, creating a lace that is at once inspiring, elegant and stylish.

These are just four designs of ivory emboridered lace and there are many more just waiting to be discovered. Check out the product pages and then start YOUR journey of discovery...

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