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Fresh from Paris...

You read that we were going on a sourcing trip to Paris. You read that we were back home from the trip. So where’s the LACE?! Our sourcing team have released a limited amount of the new lace designs and you can get your hands on a piece today… want to know more?

The lace that most interested our sourcing team was that on the haute couture runways and so it’s incredibly exclusive; it’s currently in production and we expect to see it arriving early next year. But you CAN pre-order now and even get your hands on a sample.. If you’re quick enough!  

We have managed to coax a limited amount of the new fabric designs from the exclusive designers and can’t wait to share it with our customers. Make sure you’re sitting down, because these two designs are about to take your breath away; allow us to introduce Porscha and Kiri.

Porscha Ivory Lace

There is a definite air of spring in high fashion at the moment, as the designers are always thinking one season ahead. An array of three dimensional flowers embellishes the lace, nodding their enthusiastic heads as the bride moves. The overall effect of the blooms combined with the ephemerous lace is full of grace and elegance which, when perfectly lit by the clear sunlight of springtime, is a truly enchanting sight to behold.

Kiri Ivory Lace

Ivory has strongly established itself at the head of the fashion charts yet again, with a large proportion of the gowns we saw created in this colour. Kiri marks a decided turn back towards luxuriousness but this time it is combined with the clean and geometric lines that keep coming back to the catwalks. The base design forms a square mesh that is hypnotic and arresting; and let’s admit it, that’s how every bride wants to feel.

You can get a small sample absolutely free or there is a small charge for an extra-large premium sample so that you can truly appreciate the beauty. Grab yours now before they all go!

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