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Fly Away with Feather Lace Fabric!

The natural world is a wonderful and lasting source of inspiration for clothing designers. Earth's flora and fauna have been used for thousands of years to create unique garments and feathers are used across all cultures to add beauty and style.

They're also ideal for use in wedding dress material and here are four of our favorite feather lace styles...

Ivory Beaded Lace: Chantelle

Each meter of this fabric is adorned with three pairs of wings, each of which is heavily embellished with beads and pearls. Subtle Champagne filigree thread runs throughout the body of the lace, enhancing the beauty of the luxurious white feathers which are evenly spaced across the fabric.

Ivory & Silver Chantilly Lace - Natasha

Ivory Feather Lace: Euphoria

Capturing the glamorous essence of early Hollywood movies on the silver screen, this inspirational lace fabric takes its design cues from the art deco movement. Motifs of different shapes (round, fan and marquise) work in perfect harmony as they repeat throughout the design, providing the perfect backdrop for single, subtle feather strands.

Ivory Feather Lace - Euphoria (Border B)

Ivory Beaded Lace: Faye

Full of intrigue, Faye lace fabric is an exciting combination of different styles. The wedding dress material is embellished with filigree thread, beads, sequins and embroidery, all of which are designed to further enhance the luxurious beauty of the integral feathers.

Ivory & Silver Chantilly Lace - Natasha

Ivory Feather Lace: Nikita

Feathers radiate throughout this design, attached firmly to the lace fabric with pearls and a selection of different beads. Magnificent, regal and truly tempting, Nikita ivory lace fabric features embroidered shading to the foliage and can also be purchased in white.

Ivory Lace - Nikita

Find out more details about these fabulous feather laces on the product pages!

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