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There's only a few days of spring left and then everyone's favorite season will be here! Yes. the summer is just around the corner and as well as bringing beautiful weather, its also going to bring beautiful brides. Our team of bridalwear experts can reveal one of the hottest trends for the coming season: beaded lace. Check out three of the best right here...

dimitra-anoushka-newsIvory Beaded Lace: Anoushka

Derived from the Russian word for 'grace', the name Anoushka is perfectly suited to this elegant, sophisticated style. Both edges are gently scalloped, framing a classy and refined floral pattern which is simply breathtaking.

Expert embroidery and tasteful cording work perfectly together and create the ideal base for bead and sequin embel­lis­hments. The glittering wedding dress material works perfectly with Tennessee lace trim so check out this option too.

poem-heaven-lace-close-up-newsIvory Beaded Embroidery Lace: Emelia

A soft, luxurious tulle base has been embellished in India, solely by the hands of an expert designer. Carefully-chosen beads and sequins have been arranged in dense, eye-catching patterns, creating a luxurious fabric that is extravagant and totally glamorous.

Instead of scalloped edges, both sides of the lace are completely straight, which makes Emelia very versatile and inspiring to work with.

this-dress-uses-emelia-lace-newsIvory Beaded Lace: Heaven

The name says it all! This is an ethereal, fairytale wedding lace that is also hand-embroidered in India. The ivory tulle base is decorated with alternating motifs, both of which are rendered as abstract floral designs and well-spaced throughout the body of the fabric. In the spaces between each motif, diamantes are carefully placed, complementing the embel­lis­hments of beads and sequins.

Both of the motifs featured on this lace are available to purchase separately and can be found on our website as Latitude and Longitude.

If you want to be known as the most on-trend wedding dress designer or bride, then check out these beaded lace ideas now!

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