Fabulous Faux Fur for Bridal Boleros, Shrugs and Jackets

Though obviously in sharp contrast to those of summer, the uniquely beautiful aesthetics of winter time and early spring provide a stunning backdrop for weddings. The winter bride needs an outfit that is going to look amazing, feel good and tie in with the season all at once and there is a fabric that ticks all the boxes. Read on to find out more...

Though you may not immediately associate faux fur with weddings, the fact is that it has been a prominent feature of many bridal separates in recent runway shows. With faux fur, which feels even better than the real thing, creative designers are achieving all of the beauty with none of the cruelty. Bridal Fabrics carry a selection of faux fur wedding fabrics, including:

Saluki Faux Fur

The pile of Saluki is deep, long and sublimely luxuriant. This premium style is available in classic bridal tones of ivory and white, as well as a playful yet tasteful pink option.

Ivory Fur - Saluki

Husky Faux Fur

The superb, super-soft and just plain super Husky wedding fabric feels gorgeous against the skin and so is perfect for creating a magnificent muff or fabulous faux fur jacket. Ivory, pink and beige are your color options.

Ivory Fur - Husky

Ermine Faux Fur

The rich ivory color and delightful handle of Ermine synthetic fur are belied by its cost-effective price tag. An ideal choice to create an easy-on, easy-off bridal shrug.

Ivory Faux Fur - Ermine

Borzois Faux Fur

Absolutely magnificent, Borzois is a luxurious, decadent and indulgent choice for a bride with taste and sophis­tica­tion. Both drape and handle are nothing less than perfect in their regal splendor. It's impossible to describe with words just how sensational this fabric is so why not order a sample and see (and feel!) for yourself?

Ivory Fur - Borzois

Faux fur is so versatile, perfect for creating couture capes, supreme shrugs, marvelous muffs, wonderful wraps and bewitching boleros! Discover more faux fur and other quality bridal fabrics on our website.

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