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We love lace!  We're in love with lace - and we know we've got the best range of lace (well if we don't blow our own trumpet who's going to blow it for us?).  But, as our name suggest, we're not actually all about the lace.  We offer an extensive and ever growing range of fabrics and tulles, from silks and satins to nylon and net.  From your basic work room essentials to your top end sumptuous silks and your lustrous poly satins and rich velvets and pretty much everything else inbetween.

Here we're showcasing some of our brand new products and reminding you about some of our best sellers too.  Take a look...

Ivory Brocade – Philadelphia

Ivory Satin - Sheen

A wondeful Italian woven Brocade for bridal gowns that measures 145 cm (57") wide and which features alternating floral motifs. The motifs are quite large and measure approx 35 cm (14") both in height and length. 

The background is a satin and the motifs are slightly raised. The fabric is a blend of silk, polyester and polyamide. 

Tri-Acetate Satin – Liberty

Ivory Satin - Liberty

Liberty is a  magnificent medium weight satin fabric that measures 145 cm (55") wide and which weighs 312 grams per linear metre. 

The composition of 80% Tri-acetate and 20% Polyester gives it a truly wonderful handle and drape. Tri-acetate is actually made out of chemically treated wood fibres so is a relatively sustainable fibre. 

Silk Blend Mikado – Court

Dark Ivory Mikado - Court

A very classic Mikado fabric made in a blend of silk and polyester., that measures 150 cm (59") wide.   A great fabric for bridal wear that is available in a small range of colors.  

Polyester Crepe – Palace

Antique Rose Crepe - Palace

A polyester crepe fabric that has been added to our range in May 2017, that measures 138cms/54" wide and which has a very subtle glitter effect to it. 

Ivory Polyester Heavy Crepe – Pamper

Polyester Crepe Fabric - Pamper

Pamper is a gloriously luxurious polyester heavy crepe that measures 144 cm (57") wide. It is available in ivory alone.

Get in touch if you would like any advise on our plains and silks.

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