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Ever Wanted to Visit Europe? Now you can...

Though the name of our company is Bridal Fabrics, we certainly wouldn’t want to forget about the other half of the relati­onship! Just as the bride demands the perfect look for her perfect day, so too the groom must look his absolute best and make her proud – to make sure you do, we stock an excep­ti­onally-stylish range of groom fabric for creating all sort of garments. Get your look exactly right with us…

Keeping it stylish and maintaining a touch of individual personality can be a tough job for the groom but now when you choose material from Bridal Fabrics. One of the most popular garments for the groom is a waistcoat and you are going to absolutely love our collection when choosing your perfect design. We have everything you need from the lining on out so whether it’s a cummerbund or cravat then check out our groom fabric today.

Woven Brocades are stylish, classy and refined – each has its own unique look which has been inspired by some of the many different, diverse cities of Europe. Your tour starts HERE – where will YOU travel…?

  • Athens – the capital of Greece is known for its ancient architecture which features clean lines and an intelligent style. Our waistcoat fabric of the same name has a subtle formation of geometric lines to capture the stunning way of arranging pattern devised by the Ancient Greeks, creating a unique fabric that will not disappoint

  • Prague – of all the cities in the Czech Republic, Prague has the most diversity in the way it blends the traditional with the modern. We love the way this fabric contains two comple­men­tary yet contrasting designs, just like its namesake. If you want to make a statement then this is the waistcoat fabric for you

  • Avignon – one of France’s most beautiful cities, Avignon is a luxurious place to live and is said to seduce visitors. Seductive, mesmerizing and luxurious are all keywords when Avignon waistcoat fabric comes to center stage

Have YOU got the traveling bug after our short whistle-stop tour of the finest cities in Europe? If so, then you are going to want to head straight on over the the ‘Woven Patterns’ area of the ‘Groom Fabrics’ section! Where is your journey going to lead you to next? Start it HERE...

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