You Just Can't Get Enough! More New Lace...

Welcome to part two of our special 2-part article..

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It’s been fab hearing how excited you all are about our latest batch of brand new wedding lace! Your emails have been pouring in and lots of you are asking if you can have your order any sooner - sorry to disappoint but you’re going to have to be patient! Believe us, it’s definitely going to be worth waiting for…

Last week we revealed the first set of beautiful new bridal lace available to pre-order and here we complete the set. Maybe your favourite from the previous collection will have changed? Or be confirmed? Let us know! It is always a pleasure to hear from our customers, find out what you like (or don’t!) and see you looking fabulous and radiant in your fully-made wedding gowns. Don't forget the bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and of course the groom too - we want to hear about it all because we are wedding mad here at Bridal Fabrics!

Ivory Sequin Lace with Embroidery - Shelley

Wildly flamboyant and reminiscent of regal Baroque decadence, this is a lustrous and luxurious choice that oozes panache. As the embroidered design is so visually striking, nothing more than a light and delicate shower of sequins is required for further embellishment.

Ivory Beaded Lace with Embroidery - Bennedetta

Uniquely fashionable, this lace will be a favourite with those who like a daring, edgy look to their couture wardrobe. Sharply-asymmetric edges define an area of blissful floral embroidery and, if you really want to grab all the attention (perhaps in the honeymoon suite), why not try ordering Bennedetta in Black!?

Ivory Beaded Lace with Sequins - Beatrice

Asymmetric edges are once again in evidence here, in perfect resonance with the couture class of Summer 2016. Glamorous and striking, embellishment is provided in the form of classy beads, intricate embroidery, rich pearls and shimmering sequins - each of these wedding dress embellishments stands out individually, leading the eye to either gentle or dramatic scallops at the border.

So, what are you waiting for?! Dive right into our newest lace designs and pre-order as soon as you decide on your favourite to guarantee it will be in your hands by Summer 2016.

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