Vintage Lace Features in 'Mr Selfridge' Series

Vintage Lace Features in 'Mr Selfridge' Series

Actress Kara Tointon flowed down the aisle in an antique wedding gown featuring vintage lace.

Sumptuous ITV drama series Mr Selfridge returned to the screen recently and the first episode featured the long-awaited marriage of Rosalie Selfridge to her dreamy fiancé Serge de Bolotoff. Ably played by actress Kara Tointon, Rosalie simply flowed down the aisle in a truly stunning antique wedding gown featuring vintage lace and a long, dramatic veil.

This is the third series of the successful period drama and marked Kara’s debut playing Rosalie Selfridge, daughter of the eponymous Mr Harry Selfridge. The series focuses on the life and times of the famous founder of Selfridge & Co., who established his flagship store on London’s Oxford Road in 1909. A big budget has allowed for the entire recreation of the store’s luxurious interior in the show and, as is expected of any decent period drama, lots of attention has been paid to getting the costumes exactly right.

Kara described her character’s costume as ‘magical’ and got so caught up in the event that she felt like she ‘got married for real’. She also revealed that she had tried on a wedding gown previously worn by Meryl Streep but that, in order to ensure the costume exactly fitted the vintage lace style of the era, the final dress was created by a bespoke designer.

The dress featured gorgeous long-sleeves, vintage lace detailing and an exotically-embellished waistband, giving it a truly antique and sophisticated feel. A vintage headpiece bedecked with flowers, a big and bold bouquet, tasteful pearl earrings and a statement necklace completed the look.

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