Trendspotting - Our Top 5 Guide

Trendspotting - Our Top 5 Guide

The bridal dress has been steadily evolving for centuries. Traditional designs have remained constantly popular while new trends have come into fashion.
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The bridal dress has been steadily evolving for centuries. Traditional designs have remained constantly popular while new trends have come into fashion; combinations of the two have led to some truly unique and stunning gowns.

At Platinum Bridal Fabrics we like to keep our finger firmly on the pulse of changing trends in order to enable our customers to create fashionable yet personalised garments for their special day. Here we present the top five current trends in the wedding dress world.

1) Peplums

Peplum comes from the Greek word meaning ‘tunic’. A small frill of fabric at waist level is added to the gown which creates a stylish feel and accentuates the appearance of a narrow waist. The trend was seen earlier this year on Paris catwalks and is tipped to follow into the bridal industry in 2013. Utilised by notable designers such as Tobi Hannah and Jese Peiro, the peplum is set to grow massively in popularity.

2) Boleros

Cute capped sleeves are gradually pushing aside the classic strapless A-line bridal gown. As brides seek more cutting-edge looks, the addition of shrugs, bridal coats and the bolero is on the increase. A great number of designers are now creating lightweight lace coats to transform the classic gown into something extra-special and the rise in demand for three-quarter length sleeves has grown simultaneously. The picture shows our Francesca lace used to beautiful effect.

3) Sheer Necklines

The staple A-line gown is being given a glamorous and daring twist by the addition of a sheer neckline. This gives an instant sophisticated edge and was hugely popular throughout 2012, a trend that looks set to continue well into 2013. Embellishing the sheer layer with crystals or motifs to further increase the eye-catching aspect of the neckline makes this a truly dazzling look.

4) Modern Romance

A distinct turn towards feminine, delicately-layered skirts using chiffon and organza has been noticed; these partially-transparent fabrics give the dress a wonderfully floaty look and feel which particularly appeals to the romantic bride who desires a fairytale wedding. Movement within the fabric allows for an unhindered walk up the aisle, making this an elegant choice.

5 ) Lace

Throughout 2012, lace has enjoyed a consistent rise in popularity. This was added to by the Royal wedding and the growth is predicted to continue into 2013. Plainer dresses are being enhanced with appliqués and trim with full width lace being used in smaller areas. As there is such a variety of types and designs of lace, creating a uniquely beautiful look is easily achievable.

We hope these ideas have inspired brides-to-be and invite you to browse the rest of our website to see our comprehensive range of wedding dress material, bridal lace, brocade fabric, lace appliqué and much more. Our team are always available to assist with any aspect of designing the perfect dress for the perfect day.

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