These Sequins will Wake You Up!

These Sequins will Wake You Up!

Discover our new lace designs

Language is a powerful tool and we can often express thoughts and feelings with very simple sounds. Mmm: that tastes good. Brr: I’m cold. What does ‘Zzz’ mean to you?

If you said ‘I’m asleep’ then it’s time to wake up! Instead of sleeping, we are using those Zs to introduce some brand new bridal lace to you, each of which either begins with or contains the last letter of the English alphabet.

Barbara Vintage LaceBlush Sequinned Lace: Zion

It’s easy to get carried away with sequins; the more you add, the more gorgeous they look!

The designer has really taken advantage of this fact with Zion, which is a beautiful blush colour and is almost dripping with the sparkly embellishments. As if this were not enough, pearls have been added too, creating a bridal fabric that is alive with light and ready to make you look even more beautiful.

ivory-sequinned-tulle-luzIvory Sequinned Lace: Luz

A generous 53” wide, this lace is glamorous and glitzy. The base of ivory is the perfect neutral backing to display the beauty of the many sequins and despite its fully-loaded appearance, the material is particularly lightweight and has a regal swish when it is in motion.

Ivory & Silver Chantilly Lace - NatashaIvory Sequinned Lace: Esperanza

What shape is a sequin? Circular, right? Well though most are round, that doesn’t define what a sequin is and this lace shows off an unusual flower-shaped sequin as well as the traditional circular type. The two share space on an ivory tulle backing to create a unique design.

pink-sequinned-tulle-zainabPink Sequinned Lace: Zainab

This lace is one for those brides who want to be the centre of attention and the gorgeous pink colour of the sequins ensures that nobody will miss you! A neutral nude colour is used for the base to ensure each sequin stands out proudly, displaying its exciting tone.

Enjoy browsing through our new sequined laces and get ready to sparkle….

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