The Summer 2013 Collection

The Summer 2013 Collection

Summer is in full swing and a number of exciting trends in bridal lace have emerged.

Summer is in full swing and a number of exciting trends in bridal lace have emerged. The Platinum Bridal Fabrics Summer 2013 Collection , based extensively on customer suggestions and market research, comprises an exclusive selection of the hottest lace trends for the season.

When viewing all six items in our collection at a single glance, a clear trend for laces of quite an open weave can instantly be detected. This type of lace is perfect for hot summer days, allowing the bride to stay cool and creating an attractive effect as it catches playfully in even the slightest of breezes. Another clear connection between these six summer laces is an emphasis on swirling, pleasingly-feminine curved designs which, as they undulate through the body of the lace, create an effect that is so beautiful as to defy description.

Clarice is one of the most original laces our experienced team have yet seen. Rendered in a delicate pale ivory colour, Clarice lace features an embroidered pattern of abstract windmill shapes which lock together across the fabric. The interlocking 'blades' of the windmills are formed from an attractive yarn that forms an intricate plait down the centre, leading to the trimmed and scalloped edges.

Created to be spectacular, Patience ivory lace is a stunning 55" in width and has been expertly-designed to utilise both lustrous and matt yarns in its manufacture. This juxtaposition of yarns means Patience is a real head-turner, an effect which is enhanced by the lattice of large holes that forms the body of the lace. Completed with a soft and delicate fringed edge, Patience lace captures the very essence of a romantic summer wedding.

Substantial yet ephemerous, Vivienne features an incredibly light ivory tulle base which has been embroidered using lustrous and luxurious ivory thread. This thread forms interlocking loops and swirls which, when viewed together as a whole, form the repeating cascade that is the signature of Vivienne.

Please enjoy browsing the full Platinum Bridal Fabrics Summer 2013 Collection. As always, we welcome any comments and suggestions from our customers and invite you to send us photographs of your bridal creations to feature in our extensive online gallery.

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