The Perfect White Lace for the Perfect Wedding Dress

The Perfect White Lace for the Perfect Wedding Dress

Though her search went as far as China, the right wedding fabric for bride Jocelyn was on our website all along
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Getting exactly the right lace can be difficult and we have heard lots of stories of brides trying shop after shop without success. Jocelyn, pictured here, searched from China to London and still couldn’t locate the right fabric until she discovered our website online - as you can see from this delightful dress, she soon found the perfect material amongst our vast collection!

Jocelyn knew she wanted a natural lace with raised cording. She also wanted bridal lace fabric that has its own pattern as well as sections without embellishment, delivering a mesh effect that added delicate drama and eye-catching interest to the gown. Jocelyn chose our Ameila White Corded Lace and described it simply and succinctly as being ‘like being woven around with flowers’!

Jocelyn ordered samples from us to help make her decision, allowing her to experience at her leisure the exceptional beauty and quality of our bridal fabrics. The whole dress was covered in the corded lace and so our large pieces were ideal for the job. The carefully-designed, scalloped edges were skillfully incorporated by Jocelyn into the dress - at the hem, Jocelyn hand-sewed a cut lace edge all around, completing the bespoke dress with a double row of floral bouquets.

Right the way down the back of the gown, Jocelyn attached exquisite buttons, each covered in fine silk. This gave Jocelyn the further idea of making a lace glove.

After lots of painstaking design work and a ‘first draft’ gown made from synthetic lace, Jocelyn’s amazing wedding dress was complete and she wore it to thrilled and breathless reception from her new husband and the invited guests. After the ceremony, the dress was washed (in the bath!) and is now an everlasting memory of Jocelyn’s perfect day.

We would like to thank Jocelyn and photographer Lauryn for sharing these pictures - you look absolutely fabulous Jocelyn and we are glad you chose us to supply the lace for your amazing gown!

Please send us your photos and stories - check out our online gallery HERE for inspiration.

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