Spotlight on Naomi and Elizabeth

Spotlight on Naomi and Elizabeth

Two of our bridal laces, Naomi and Elizabeth, stand out for their particularly beautiful qualities.
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Two of our bridal laces, Naomi and Elizabeth, stand out for their particularly beautiful qualities. Although quite different from one another, both have a distinctive and unique appeal that commands attention.

Naomi, a corded border lace available in white or ivory, is truly breathtaking with its sensuously-fine tulle ground decorated with laser-cut floral designs. A large, three-dimensional bouquet comprises swirling leaves surrounding two flowers, each with an eyecatching diamante at its centre. Heavy embroidering on the leaves adds to the texture of this gorgeous lace and tubular beads have been hand-sewn using a continuous thread of dazzling silver filigree.

The borders of Naomi are identical and the gentle scallops are completed with the addition of a short and stylish fringe. Each border features a smaller representation of the two diamante-centred flowers in the main body of the lace, accurate right down to the striking silver filigree thread; 36 of these motifs feature in every metre of Naomi lace. To complement this most luxurious of fabrics, matching lace appliqués are also available in a choice of sizes.

So beautiful is Elizabeth ivory corded border lace that we quickly ran out of stock upon receiving our supply. Back by popular demand, Elizabeth lace has a strikingly-unusual design with undulating floral garlands taking a horizontal path across the open tulle ground. Vertical stitching imbues this fabric with a vibrant quality while scalloped edges are given an alluring texture with a highlighted fringe. Platinum Bridal Fabrics are pleased and proud to welcome Elizabeth back to our collection of ivory lace.

Detailed images of all our laces are available, as well as samples upon request. Please enjoy examining Naomi and Elizabeth lace along with the rest of our exclusive collection. To speak with a member of our expert bridal team, please call 01254 873333.

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