Sequinned Lace: Sublime Sparkle

Sequinned Lace: Sublime Sparkle

Wedding dress material with sequins for sublime sparkle. 'Sequin' is a word that originates from the 17th century, when it referred to a type of Venetian coin.
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'Sequin' is a word that originates from the 17th century, when it referred to a type of Venetian coin. Since the 19th century, the word has been used to refer to those glistening embellishments that we all know and love, due to their resemblance to miniature freshly-minted coins. Everyone loves a bit of sparkle so check out these three sequinned lace styles available now from Bridal Fabrics.

Zion: Blush Sequinned Lace

A complex mesh of metallic silver threads forms the base for this delightful lace fabric, which is rendered in a subtle, on-trend blush colour. This mesh is the framework for a riot of pearls and sequins, which creates a lace fabric full of vibrant sparkle. The bridal separates in these images, created by Bridal Fabrics client the Little Seamstress, were both created using Zion blush sequinned lace.

Zion Lace Dress5  Zion Lace Dress6

Anya Lace Dress3 Pannewitz

Charlene: Black Sequinned Lace

When used as wedding dress embellishments or as part of an embellished lace fabric, sequins are often silver or gold. While both of these light-catching lovelies are used in Charlene lace, the wedding dress material also benefits in beauty with the addition of daring black metallic sequins too.

Perfect for creating chic evening wear.

Anya: Ivory Sequinned Lace

A classic bestseller here at Bridal Fabrics, Anya ivory sequinned lace fabric features a range of beading styles and the use of delicate, feather-like threads to create a repeating pattern of diamonds.

Framed by identical straight edges, the real attraction of this wedding gown material is the heavy embellishment in the form of thousands of glittering yet colourless sequins.

Search our website to find many more sublime sequinned lace styles. Go for gorgeous glitter!

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