May 2018: The Countdown Begins

Check out these three new designs of bridal lace and pre-order now
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May 2018 is going to be an amazing month. How do we know? Because these three amazing new lace designs will come available for purchase! We are extremely excited about taking delivery of the new designs and are looking forward to it just as much as we are sure you will be after you see and read about them.

everett-lace-newsIvory Lace: Everett

This is an extremely feminine design and is evocative of tropical bliss on some far-flung island with is palm-like fronds extending across the body of the lace.

The feather-light lace has an extremely tactile handle though is much stronger than its fragile, ethereal appearance would suggest. Everett ivory lace is perfect for creating gowns that truly look as if they have been sourced directly from a fairytale.

benita-lace-newsIvory Lace: Benita

Rendered in glorious Baroque style, Benita ivory lace is a real eye-catcher and is designed for the bride who wants to make a big impression as she sashays down the aisle.

Big, bold patterns are formed from an intricate array of lace and the pattern repeats as the design progresses. The scalloped edge at the bottom of the lace adds a delightful touch and creates a harmonious look.

crystal-dress-trim-prophecy-newsIvory Lace: Brodie

A riot of floral motifs is the central feature of this daring, totally unique lace design.

With breathtaking flair, finesse and panache, the lace exudes a whole array of exciting characteristics that are difficult to put into words. We suggest you take a look at this effervescent design for yourself; check out the product page for a high-quality image and don't forget to use the zoom feature for a closer look!

Though not available for several weeks yet, all three of these laces are available for pre-order so get in touch with our team to secure your length today!

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