Looking Ahead to a Wedding Winter Wonderland

Looking Ahead to a Wedding Winter Wonderland

Faux fur and velvet wedding fabric for winter
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As it's summertime, you might be wondering why this article is all about winter! The fact is that many brides are already looking ahead to weddings planned for the coming winter: in this edition of our blog, we are showcasing some sumptuously-silky velvets and fabulous faux furs that are perfect to create bridalwear for the colder months.

Husky: Faux Fur

Faux fur is an ideal fabric to wear when the temperature is low, as it allows you to stay nice and warm without any compromise on style. Husky faux fur is delightfully soft to the touch and is available in an eclectic palette of colour options including Ivory, Black, Beige and Pink.

Ivory Fur - Husky

Saluki: Faux Fur

Saluki faux fur has an especially long pile with superb depth, making it an extremely tactile fabric that feels like heaven against the skin. Choose from Ivory, White or Blush Pink.

Ivory Fur - Saluki

Borzois: Faux Fur

Exclusively available in a rich Ivory colour, Borzois faux fur fabric has an alluring and seductive handle. This is truly an ivory wedding fabric with wow factor to spare!

Ivory Fur - Borzois

Vogue: Silk Velvet

Vogue is crafted using a careful blend of silk and viscose, resulting in a wedding fabric with the ultimate handle. There are lots of exciting colour options available, including Black, Ivory, Aqua Gold, Raspberry, Plum and Fudge.

Ivory Silk Velvet - Vogue

Indulgence: Silk Velvet

Indulgence is a narrower version of Vogue, with the same immaculate handle and luxurious feel. Colour options include Burgundy, Navy, Cherry and Purple.

Olive Silk Velvet - Indulgence

Ruffle: Silk Velvet

Ruffle is made from a crushed velvet fabric, which gives it a uniquely-beautiful look and feel. There are plenty of colour options to excite your senses, including Gold, Gunmetal, Rosewood and Purple Iris.

Black Crushed Velvet - Ruffle

All of these materials are ideal for creating wraps, capes, shrugs, muffs, jackets, boleros and more. Start planning YOUR winter wedding right now with Bridal Fabrics!

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