Jessica Bridal Lace - Vibrant and Versatile

Jessica Bridal Lace - Vibrant and Versatile

Among our most popular bridal laces is Jessica, a stunning and versatile fabric.
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Among our most popular bridal laces is Jessica, a stunning and versatile fabric. Jessica features a beautiful vintage lace style and is perfect for creating a bridal gown for a mid- or late-summer wedding with its light and airy appearance.

For the starting point of creating Jessica lace, our designer has chosen an extremely fine tulle ground with a generous 132cm width. This luxurious fabric has been beaded and corded to create the attractive central motif, comprising three sprays of gorgeous flowers which gradually increase in size. Each spray features elegant cording around its edges, drawing the eye to the surrounding leaves. The leaves themselves are equally attractive, with beads and sequins used to dramatic effect, highlighting the soft shapes. Jessica has identical borders; the gently scalloped edges embroidered with ivory and beads catch the light, playfully refracting and reflecting it to give the lace a shimmering effect. To finish, high-quality gold filigree thread has been combined with ivory thread, completing the unique beauty of this fabulous design.

To complement this beautiful bridal lace, our designer has also created matching lace trims and appliques. The lace trim is particularly beautiful, with the repeating floral pattern of Jessica lace rendered in sumptuous ivory and Champagne coloured thread and embellished with a selection of clear beads and sequins throughout. Although generally used to further beautify the wedding gown, creative designers also use lace trim to accessorize hats, handbags and even the wedding cake.

The designer at, Aislinn, has used Jessica lace to create the beautiful dress that can be seen in our gallery. A company producing a range of bespoke garments, particularly those of a vintage style, source only the highest quality fabrics to create their hand-made gowns and dresses, utilizing haute couture and vintage sewing techniques.

Samples of Jessica lace are available upon request and the material can, like our entire range of bridal lace, be provided as a full roll or cut to any specified length.

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