Ivory Lace: Contemporary Classics

Ivory Lace: Contemporary Classics

Check out our modern mix of ivory lace designs!
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Wedding dress material comes in many forms and, here at Bridal Fabrics, we offer an extremely large and diverse collection. Though lacemaking is an ancient craft, designers continue to create new and innovative styles: check out these three contemporary classics...

Ivory and Blush Lace: Antonella

Ivory & Blush Lace – Antonella

​For the bride who really wants to be the centre of attention on her big day, Antonella ivory and blush lace is the perfect option. An ivory tulle base is embroidered with breathtakingly-beautiful floral motifs, rendered with Champagne, blush and ivory embroidery. The motifs are spaced across a backdrop of rich foliage and lattice work, creating a look that is pure luxury. 3D effects are created using organza and the whole is embellished using translucent sequins and pearlised beads.

Ivory Lace: Benita

Ivory Lace – Benita

Designed with glamour in mind, Benita ivory lace is a decadent, sophisticated choice. Embroidered tulle works in perfect harmony with exquisite guipure detail, which extends to the asymmetrical edges. The exciting visual aesthetic of Benita ivory lace, which features mesmerising embroidered patterns, is further enhanced with delicate sequins and bead detail.

Ivory Lace: Conchita

Ivory Lace – Conchita

Exuberant, dynamic and visually thrilling, Conchita ivory lace features guipure leaf detail and 3D petals. Small, subtle bead detail is used to create a luxurious look while translucent sequins add a touch of glitz and glamour. Though this lace has many different features, it creates a harmonious whole that has to be seen to be believed.

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