Hollywood Glamour: Ivory Lace Designs

Hollywood Glamour: Ivory Lace Designs

Hollywood glamour is easy to create with Bridal Fabrics
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Hollywood is home to the biggest movie industry on the planet. It's also home to some of the best-known movie stars and, as such, is a glamorous, stylish location. If you're a bride-to-be or wedding gown designer and want to bring a little Hollywood magic to your creations, then check out these gorgeous ivory lace styles.

ivory-embroidered-lace-allegra-2-newsIvory Embroidered Lace: Monroe

Named after the goddess of movies, Marilyn Monroe, this amazing bridal lace is just as stunning and eyecatching as the lady herself.

The base of Monroe is a fine ivory tulle which has been given an intriguing and intricate pattern using expert embroidery skills. This piece has then been embellished using sequins and pale ivory beads.

ivory-embroidered-lace-allegra-2-newsIvory Corded Lace: Allegra

This is another lace featuring sophisticated embroidery patterns which form an array of floral motifs.

Rising majestically above these attractive flowers are carefully-selected translucent sequins, which give a delightful 3D effect.

ivory-lace-blossom-newsIvory Corded Embroidery Lace: Blossom

For a flamboyant, exuberant look, Blossom ivory lace is the one to go for.

Repeating lattice work and foliage designs, both rendered on a large, bold scale, sit on an ivory tulle base which comprises elegant cording. Beads, sequins and pearls are used to embellish Blossom lace.

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