Groom Trends 2013 - Embroidered Waistcoats

Groom Trends 2013 - Embroidered Waistcoats

The Platinum Bridal Fabrics collection does not focus solely on the bride: we also stock a number of wedding fabrics for grooms.

The Platinum Bridal Fabrics collection does not focus solely on the bride: we also stock a number of wedding fabrics for grooms. Including lining fabric and woven or embroidered patterned fabric, the range of stylish choices available to the groom from Platinum Bridal Fabrics is extensive.

Embroidered patterns are emerging as a strong trend for the groom of 2013. With a focus on bold, flamboyant design, the patterns draw the eye and provide an exciting and dynamic contrast to a bridal dress, particularly one of a vintage lace style. A return to the waistcoat is also proving popular this season and creating one of these attractive garments using modern embroidery patterns and techniques makes for a powerful combination.

With these emerging trends in mind, we are proud to launch a new range of embroidered material perfectly suited to making a distinctive waistcoat for the groom. Manufactured to the usual impeccable standards as the entire range of bridal fabric and wedding dress material we supply, these Austrian fabrics are created in a different process from Jacquard weaving. Essentially, this involves using a high-quality base fabric into which a thread is densely sewn, forming the playful and eye-catching patterns.

For the groom who really wants to make a statement, Manhattan embroidered waistcoat fabric is perfect. Available in a choice of complementary colors, this stylish fabric is rendered in Satin Back Dupion which features a range of subtle textures. Radiating across this luxurious base, an energetic display of swirling designs completes the evocative fabric.

Brooklyn, with its abstract, dual-colored open-circle pattern, is an elegant, refined choice. Forming a strong yet restrained display, these overlapping circles create a sense of tension within the fabric which is beautifully allayed by its sumptuous range of sensuous textures. This truly is a connoisseur's choice and will give a striking aspect to a groom's attire.

Brooklyn and Manhattan are just two of the new range of luxurious embroidered materials that Platinum Bridal Fabrics UK will be able to supply from February 2013. The fabric will be available to buy by the metre though, if required, we can arrange for waistcoats to be supplied fully made-up and ready to wear. For more information on our range of wedding material for grooms or any of our extensive range of bridal fabrics, lace applique, crystal motifs and other wedding dress material, please contact a member of our experienced team.

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