Feather Lace Fabric: Simply Divine!

Feather Lace Fabric: Simply Divine!

Be the belle of the ball with feather lace fabric!
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Since the dawn of civilisation, humans have been using products from the natural world to create beautiful clothing. From cotton and natural dyes to precious stones and fur, the Earth offers us a dazzling array of materials with which to beautify ourselves. One of these materials is feathers and here we present four of our favourite feathered laces to inspire you.

Chantelle Ivory Beaded Lace

For pure wow factor, Chantelle lace is the one to watch. Extending into the lace fabric from both sides are heavily-embellished wings, three pairs per metre, each boasting a proud selection of beads and pearls enhanced with sumptuous Champagne filigree thread running throughout. At regular intervals, soft white feathers add to the riotous display.

Ivory Lace - Chantelle

Euphoria Ivory Feather Lace

This spectacular lace fabric is inspired by the art deco movement and calls to mind the sophistication and glamour of the silver screen in Hollywood's early days. Circular, fan-shaped and marquise motifs radiate and repeat throughout the design, embellished with single feather strands.

Ivory Feather Lace - Euphoria (Border B)

Faye Ivory Beaded Lace

Intriguing and mysterious, Faye lace fabric skilfully combines a contrasting yet complementary selection of differing styles. Beads, filigree thread, embroidery and sequins vie for attention but it is the feathers on this design that really make it stand out from the crowd.

Ivory & Silver Chantilly Lace - Natasha

Nikita Ivory Feather Lace

Pearls, along with ivory and transparent beads, are used to attach a radiating series of feathers to this magnificent lace fabric. Delicate embroidery adds shading to the leaves in this design, which is also available in classic white.

Ivory Lace - Nikita

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