Faux Fur Fabrics: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Baby, It's Cold Outside! Check out your Faux Fur Options

A selection of faux fur fabrics
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Animal fur has been used as a material ever since humans began making clothing many millennia ago. In our modern, enlightened times, we have realised that using animal fur involves cruelty and we invented faux fur so that we can still enjoy the undeniable beauty of real fur but with none of the negative impact on animals.

As well as being cruelty-free, faux fur is also far more resistant to staining and tearing than the real thing. It is perfect for creating a wide range of winter wedding garments, helping to keep the bride warm and cosy without any compromise on style. Faux fur garments like bridal capes, shrugs, wraps, boleros and muffs are extremely elegant and sophisticated and this edition of the Bridal Fabrics blog introduces the stunning selection available to purchase now from our online fabric shop.

Faux Fur: Saluki

Saluki faux fur wedding fabric has an absolutely glorious handle that feels like heaven when worn against the skin. The luxurious wedding fabric is available in the classic bridal colours of White and Ivory and can also be purchased in playful Pink.

Pink Fur - Saluki

Faux Fur: Husky

An exciting choice for the winter bride, Husky faux fur fabric boasts a beautifully-soft handle. The versatile addition to our online fabrics collection is available in a choice of four different colours: Ivory, Beige, Pink and Black.

Pink Fur - Husky

Faux Fur: Borzois

Borzois is our premium faux fur option and is available exclusively in bridal Ivory. With a remarkably-regal drape and delightfully-decadent handle, Borzois will make any bride feel like a queen on her winter wedding day.

Ivory Fur - Borzois

Faux Fur: Ermine

The luxuriously-deep pile of this Ivory faux fur wedding fabric belies its extremely cost-effective price tag. Nearly indistinguishable from real ermine, this fabulous faux fur has to be seen and touched to be truly appreciated.

Ivory Faux Fur - Ermine

It's free to order any two samples of our faux fur fabrics online. You can also purchase a sample card which includes samples of all four.

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