Divine Wedding Dresses by Chantelle Sophia

Divine Wedding Dresses by Chantelle Sophia

Here are photographs that we received recently from Chantelle Pike, who often uses wedding dress material from Platinum Bridal Fabrics in her creations.
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We were delighted to receive an email and photographs recently from Chantelle Pike, who is a Designer and Dressmaker based in Dorset. Chantelle operates ChantelleSophia, a bespoke bridalwear company which produces couture wedding gowns of supreme quality. Chantelle often uses wedding dress material from Platinum Bridal Fabrics in her creations and keeps our sample books handy in her cosy yet fully-equipped home studio for customers to browse and be inspired by.

The bride in the first photograph designed the dress herself before entrusting the final design to Chantelle’s capable hands - as you can see, the result was a complete success! For this dress, Contessa Satin in a gorgeous Cappuccino tone was used, with Alexandra lace adding the perfect embellishment.

The second dress in the sumptuous series of photographs sent to us by Chantelle is one of her own designs and uses an exciting and rarely-seen combination of white and ivory lace. Contessa satin is once again used, this time in White, while Helena Ivory lace was chosen for embellishment and the veil piece. Chantelle expertly cut the lace before sewing, creating a mesmerising cascade effect.

Alexandra lace is popular among ChantelleSophia’s customers and features in the final wedding dress shared with us. Contessa satin in cream was used as the base and the off-the-shoulder sleeves, which are now massively-popular for this season (see our Bride Guide 2015), show that Chantelle is a forward-thinking, cutting-edge wedding dress designer who has her finger firmly on the pulse of bridal couture.

Chantelle is currently designing a wedding gown using Barbara lace which will be teamed with a large and flowing ivory satin cloak lined with regal and luxurious blue fabric for a fairytale January wedding. We look forward to seeing this creation and will share it with you here - make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter so you don’t miss this and other important news and special offers from Platinum Bridal Fabrics.

You can find out more about Chantelle’s work by visiting her website at www.chantellesophia.com.

Please keep sending your photographs and stories to info@bridalfabrics.co.uk and call our expert bridal team on 01254 873333 for information on our stunning range of bridal lace, crystal embellishments, groom fabrics and more.

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