Crystal Embellishments - Our Newest Selection

Crystal Embellishments - Our Newest Selection

Crystal embroidery is used to create attractive areas of shimmering light on the wedding gown.
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Crystal embroidery is used to create attractive areas of shimmering light on the wedding gown. Easily attached, these gorgeous embellishments are available in an extensive variety of shapes and designs, allowing every bride to create her perfect and unique wedding dress. As they are also easily-removed, crystal embellishments are a popular addition to a bridesmaid's dress which can then be worn again after the wedding is over. Two new pieces of fantastic crystal embroidery have been added to our extensive collection.

Dazzlingly-attractive yet refined and elegant, Lobelia is a striking example of crystal embroidery. The most beautiful beads, sequins and diamantes are expertly affixed to the long, slim design, which can be used in a variety of ways. Creative brides will be able to use Lobelia as a shoulder strap or on the waistline, along with an infinite variety of other possibilities.

The enigmatic Mistral is a striking crystal embellishment, principally designed for using at the waist of a bridal dress. The diamantes, beads and sequins that form the strong shape of the design are individually selected before being embroidered by hand onto the finest ivory tulle.

Another exciting way to add intrigue and individuality to a wedding gown is with the use of lace appliqués. Platinum Bridal Fabrics stock a comprehensive selection of these beautiful products, of which the newest example is Poppy. Supplied as a symmetrical pair, Poppy lace appliqués measure 32cm x 13cm and comprise a selection of pearls, beads and diamantes which are expertly embroidered onto an ivory tulle base of superlative quality. Elegant cording completes these enticing lace appliqués, which are lovingly designed before being manufactured to the highest levels of quality.

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