Chantilly Lace - 15% Discount on our Entire Collection

Chantilly Lace - 15% Discount on our Entire Collection

Fine, feminine and luxurious, Chantilly lace has a rich and aristocratic history. We will be offering a fantastic 15% discount off all our Chantilly lace.

Fine, feminine and luxurious, Chantilly lace has a rich and aristocratic history. Platinum Bridal Fabrics always have a wide selection of this regal material in stock and are constantly adding more examples that we discover on our dedicated sourcing trips to fashion centres around the world. From Friday 13th June until Sunday 22nd June, we are offering a fantastic 15% discount on all of the beautiful Chantilly lace in our collection. Simply enter promo code CHANTILLY15 at our secure online checkout.

Chantilly lace takes its name from the French town where, during the 17th century, the Duchesse de Longueville established a facility for manufacturing fine lace. Just as Kate Middleton's stunning wedding dress influenced the styles of bridal gowns around the world, lace manufactured at the facility became quickly and immensely popular thanks to the stylish and popular reputation of the Duchesse. Chantilly is very close to Paris and so, from there, the material was shipped around the world and was also known to be a lace favoured by Marie Antoinette.

In 1789, during the French Revolution, makers of lace (a fabric associated with wealth, privilege and position) were seen as allies of the now-hated royal family and met grisly ends on the guillotine. Production effectively ceased until Napoleon I sparked a revival in the craft of lacemaking and the appreciation of its beautiful qualities. Arguably the most well-known bridal lace now in production, chantilly lace continues to be popular amongst a diverse array of brides.

Some of the Chantilly lace in our collection is detailed below - please enjoy browsing the full range to find the perfect style for you. Don't forget our handy wishlist function to save your favourites!


Lightweight, soft and delicate, Francesca is the last word in femininity. An asymmetric floral bouquet repeats to form the motif, which features artfully-subtle shading and fills the body of the wedding fabric. Both edges are formed from a dramatic double-scallop finished with a delicate, tactile fringe. Francesca is available in white or ivory; the ivory material has a matching lace trim available. Check out our online gallery to see a dress made using this sublime lace.


This is a wedding dress material for the bride who dares to be different, particularly when it is rendered in deep black. Also available in ivory and formed with a complex pattern of interlocked flowers and foliage laid onto an airy and open tulle ground, Julia Chantilly lace is incredibly light and floaty and is perfect for using as an overlay fabric as the open design allows a contrasting material to be used to great effect beneath.


With a classy design of great intricacy, Bianca Chantilly lace features a variety of weaves and textures to create its three-dimensional effect. Leaves and flowers, which are highlighted with an expert selection of contrasting lustrous and matt yarns, intertwine in complex yet visually-pleasing arrangements that lead the eye outwards to surprisingly-plain edges that are at once subtle and striking, framing the design with impeccable elegance.

Order before midnight on Sunday 22nd June to take advantage of our fantastic 15% price discount offer on these laces or any from our Chantilly Lace collection! Simply enter promo code CHANTILLY15 at our secure online checkout. For more information, call our experienced bridal team on 01254 873333 or email

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