Brocade Fabric: Fit for a Princess

Brocade Fabric: Fit for a Princess

Bridal brocade fabrics are perfect for making backless wedding gowns

The British Royal Family is a constant source of fascination to many Americans. We love the traditional pomp and ceremony and, at least when it comes to the younger members of the family, we're also pretty inspired by their sense of fashion. The backless wedding gown has been a popular feature of bridal couture and was given a further boost when Princess Eugenie tied the knot with socialite and wine-merchant Jack Brooksbank.

Princess Eugenie had a personal as well as an aesthetic reason for choosing the backless style of wedding gown. When she was just 12 years old, Eugenie was diagnosed with scoliosis, a condition that causes unnatural curvature of the spine. Surgery to correct the problem was successful but left behind a visible scar. As patron of London's Royal National Orthopedic Hospital in London, where she had her surgery as a child, Eugenie now campaigns to raise awareness of scarring and the brave choice to reveal her scar on her big day sends out an extremely positive message.

Eugenie's stunning wedding gown, created by Christopher De Vos and Peter Pilotto, used a Jacquard of silk and cotton as its main feature. The rope-like symbols woven into the Jacquard teamed perfectly with long sleeves, folded shoulders, a flowing train and that gorgeous super-low back to create a wedding gown of sublime, exquisite beauty.

We carry an eclectic range of jacquard brocade fabrics, which are a perfect alternative to lace fabric and are ideal to use in the creation of backless wedding gowns. One of these Jacquard Brocades is Enchantment, which is lovingly woven by our bridal team at their dedicated, modern premises in Lancashire, England. Abstract swirling shapes form an interlocking pattern, with each shape being slightly raised from the material base to deliver an eponymously-enchanting effect.

There are many plenty more styles of Jacquard and silk brocade fabric to be discovered so start exploring our website now!

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