Bride Eleanor Chooses Bridal Fabrics' Ivory Lace

Bride Eleanor Chooses Bridal Fabrics' Ivory Lace

Once you shop, you just can't stop! Check our online gallery to see a bespoke bridal gown by Eleanor Léger.

It all started with a vision of clean, simple and plain satin in the classic vintage style. Then, as so often happens with bespoke bridal gowns, everything suddenly began to take on a life of its own. This was Eleanor Léger’s experience recently but, with expert guidance and input from dressmaker Pat Barlow combined with our exceptional choice of wedding dress material, Eleanor was able to step out for her big day wearing this stunning creation.

A classic look and opaque sleeves were definites on Eleanor’s list. She bought a vintage 1950’s ball-gown pattern and discussed modifications and embellishments with dressmaker Pat, a friend of the family who had previously designed a wedding dress for Eleanor’s sister. After trying a few readymade gowns on in bridal shops, Eleanor realised that she was far from certain exactly what she wanted - she rushed home and got on our website to order a diverse mix of lace samples in Champagne and Ivory colours.

From the mix, it was Robyn Ivory Lace that won Eleanor’s heart. As it was so at odds with her original vision, Eleanor needed reassurance from Pat that the plain dress underneath could be used instead if the finished effect wasn’t to her tastes. In the event, it was quite the opposite - Eleanor absolutely loved her dress which she accurately describes as ‘special, different and eye-catching without being tacky’.

Robyn Ivory Lace has pure vintage style, its matching edges and scalloped borders framing a repeating pair of floral/diamond motifs. The ivory colour comes only from the fine tulle background - light caught and reflected by sparkling colourless sequins and Champagne filigree thread provides that eye-catching appeal without being showy in the slightest.

It is always better to order too much than not enough - a creative designer like Pat won’t let any go to waste. She cleverly constructed a lace panel in the train of the dress, a border for the plain veil, a backpiece bow and the tiniest coordinating details at Eleanor’s waist.

Eleanor's Bridesmaid dresses were also created using a fabric of ours; Polyester shot taffeta in Radiance lime. Speaking of her choice, Eleanor stated "I was nervous about using polyester fabric for the satin and for the bridesmaids. Pat assured me that it was the best choice and it did look amazing"

As well as the quality and choice range of our bridal fabrics, Eleanor told us that she enjoyed being able to get everything she needed in one place. She also commented on the clear, HD photos that help you get a sense of the lace as well as our fast, free and reliable sample service.

Thanks to Eleanor's photographer Charlotte Fielding for permission to share the images, which will be added to our online gallery.

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