Save 15% this December on Bridal Silk

Save 15% this December on Bridal Silk

Platinum Bridal Fabrics are expert sourcers and suppliers of bridal silk

Silk has always been regarded as a luxurious bridal fabric and is a staple of bridal couture. Platinum Bridal Fabrics are expert sourcers and suppliers of a diverse collection of bridal silk and, for December 2014, are offering you the chance to buy these wonderful wedding dress materials with a fantastic 15% discount in price.

The use of silk as a clothing fabric appears to originate in China, more than 2,700 years before the birth of Christ. Also used for writing, silk was produced in many colours which would often indicate a person’s social standing. Italy seems to have been the first European country to start using silk (brought over during The Crusades) - as an inherent centre of fashion, the country popularised silk’s use, spreading it all over Europe.

Advancements in weaving technology during the Industrial Revolution made silk more accessible and designers began creating ever-more beautiful garments. Today, silk retains its sense of class and elegance, which is why it is so often used in the creation of a unique, beguiling bridal gown.

Débutante - Silk Taffeta

Crisp, smooth and with an entrancing colour effect achieved through yarn-dyeing individual strands during the weaving process as opposed to piece-dyeing the entire piece of fabric afterwards, Débutante is pure quality. Eight exciting colours are available from classic White to sultry Scarlet and the fabric is often used to create corsets, theatrical garments and christening gowns as well as wedding dresses.

Temptation - Silk Double Crepe

It is hard to convey with words the incredible, absorbing texture of this flowing and elusive fabric. Available in White, Ivory or Cream, the unique sand-washed finish has no sheen but is beyond tactile and creates a sensation against the skin. Draping perfectly and enveloping completely, this is a fabric from another world.

Tempest - Silk Chiffon

This is one of our most versatile wedding dress fabrics and has an extensive palette of colour choices ranging from the soft pastel tones of Cloud and Sea Spray to the evocative and vibrant hues of Fuchsia and Amethyst. Use this quality wedding dress material as an overlay to create elegant yet explosively-breathtaking looks.

These are just three of the many silk fabrics included in our December collection of special offers. Please enjoy browsing the full range and do not hesitate to contact our expert team on 01254 873333 or email for more information on these bridal silks or any of our other wedding fabrics and wedding dress embellishments.

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